a Vulgar Display of Power

As most of America saw today, at least those of us NOT watching football saw, the Tigers trashed the Twins 8-0 this afternoon. The game was capped by Doug Fister‘s dominant complete game shut-out, and of course, Miggy’s 42nd home run, as seen above.
As for Cabrera‘s individual achievements? I’m taking the no-hitter approach: I’m not talking about it out of the fear of jinxing him.

The Tigers truly looked like a team on a mission today, but this looks like it may go down to the wire. What we have here is a bona-fide pennant race. The kind of pennant race that the expanded wild card; the initial wild card before that; and the division format before that, were supposed to eliminate.

I was glad to see that Fox Sports Detroit will be televising BOTH games tomorrow. I think MLB took a huge risk rescheduling Friday night’s game for tomorrow, instead of today. But that’s television for you. the Fox network wanted a game a 4:05 today, so they got it. I’m hoping for good weather for the day game tomorrow.

Which brings me to my major concern: the double-header. Granted, there will be some time in-between games tomorrow – with the make-up starting at 7:05. However I’ve always maintained that the best any team can realistically hope for in a double-header is a split. True, teams DO sweep double-headers. Likewise, truly bad teams (like the 2012 Twins) have been known to drop both halves of a twin-bill. But two wins in one day is a lot to ask of any team.

Of course, if the Tigers split tomorrow, and the White Sox drop tonight and Sunday, they would still be tied.

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