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We admitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our lives had become unmanageable

That’s what Miguel Cabrera should have said this afternoon.

Cabrera returned to Lakeland today – to speak to the press and presumably begin Spring Training; yet he refused to utter the words alcoholic or addict.
The baseball fan in me is happy that he will not be missing the regular baseball season.  The human being in me sees that this guy needs help.  Knowing the track record of how all professional sports leagues deal with addictions, I’m concerned that he didn’t say enough and neither the Tigers nor MLB are taking enough action.

:::taps heart:::

 The bottom of the 8th inning yesterday may have been the best half inning the Tigers have played all season.  It’s also probably as much heart as the offense has shown all year.

Renteria is FINALLY starting to hit the ball.  It only took him about 5 months to get warmed up!  Seriously though, he’s been getting some key hits when the Tigers  needed them.  BTW – his average is higher than Sheffield’s.  Go figure.  That didn’t take too long.

Speaking of Sheffield, was anybody surprised to see that nobody claimed him while he was on waivers?

Galarraga continues to impress me.  Every time he pitches, I always expect the opposing team to figure him out after their first at bats.  Hasn’t happened yet.  What a steal he was!

Cabrera has been putting up some great numbers lately.  He is slowly becoming the face of this team.  I’d like to see him and Magglio stick around for a while

Despite the anemic offense and the bullpen, Robertson had a solid outing in his last appearance.  Let’s see what he can do tonight.

I still miss Pudge and his enthusiasm…


Kansas City Royals' Miguel Olivo, third from right, is restrained by Royals' Mike Aviles, back left, Chicago White Sox's Jaun Uribe (5), manager Ozzie Guillen (13) and Royals' third base coach Luis Silverio after Olivo charged the mound in the fifth inning of a baseball game Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008, in Kansas City, Mo. Olivo, White Sox pitcher D.J. Carrasco and manager Guillen were all ejected from the game after the altercation.

Apparently Ozzie Guillen let a baseball “secret” slip in the aftermath of the White Sox – Royals brawl on Sunday.  Guillen revealed that he has, in the past, instructed his pitchers to hit batters in retaliation.

And the big secret is …what, exactly? 

This is almost as pathetic as the NHL’s attempts to downplay fighting.

The reality is that retaliatory beanings happen, PERIOD. Its part of the game, whether MLB likes it or not. Granted, i don’t think Carrasco intended to hit Olivio in the case of Sunday’s game – given the circumstances.

It’s funny, because pitchers in baseball’s so-called golden age were all too eager to throw a little chin music to remind the batters who owned the plate. How sensitive have we all become?

Congrats to Miguel Cabrera, who was named the AL Player of the Month.  Good to see him finally hitting his stride and maybe silencing some of the critics.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on the sweep by the Rays and the complete and utter collapse of the Tigers bullpen.


a knee-jerk reaction to the Pudge-Farnsworth trade

Thumbnail image for pudge.jpgUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Pudge Rodriguez has been traded to the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth.

I think this was a mistake on the Tigers’ behalf.

There’s little doubt that Pudge’s offensive skills are fading as he approaches the end of his career.  On the other hand, he is still one of the best defensive catchers in the game – a fact that defies logic, given his age and the wear and tear typically associated with playing behind the plate.

Apparently, the Tigers felt that Pudge was expendable.  His contract is up at the end of the year, so it would appear that they had no intention of re-signing him. 

Tiger fans know that Pudge was just more than a 13-time all-star catcher and future Hall of Famer.  When he signed with the Tigers following the disasterous 2003 season, it made the Tigers relevant again.  In the years that followed, big-name free agents like Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez signed here.  Trades both big and small for players like Placido Polanco and most recently  Miguel Cabrera brought Detroit an AL pennant in 06 and instantly place them in the same breath as the Yankees and Red Sox.  This stunning three-year transition, from the outhouse to the penthouse, would not have been possible without Pudge signing.

I got to hand it to the Yankees though; this trade made pefect sense for them.  With Jorge Posada out with a season ending surgery, they NEEDED a catcher.  At this point, Farnsworth was expendable.

Are the Tigers really a better team with Farnsworth than with Pudge?  Is Kyle Farnsworth REALLY the answer to the Tigers bullpen woes. (SEE LAST POST).  Is Brandon Inge ready or even willing to be the everyday catcher?  My gut says “No” to all of the above, but only time will tell.

I will miss Pudge.  For the last 4 1/2 seasons, he has been the face of the Tigers.  I hoped he would retire as a Tiger, but you never know what the future holds.  Besides, I’m just counting the days until Farnsworth get into another one of his infamous brawls…