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Who Cares?

Wow, has it really been a month?

Last night, Barry Bonds hit his 747th Home Run.  My question is, does anyone REALLY care about him breaking the record at this point, outside of San Francisco, that is?  I always thought the best way that upset fans could show their disgust for Bonds was by simply ignoring the pursuit to 756; looks like a lot of people are agreeing with me.

In other news, the Tigers were off last night – with Milwaukee coming into Detroit tonight.  It’ll be a bit of a homecoming of sorts for Prince Fielder, whose father Cecil used to play for Tigers.  Prince apparently used to hang around the Tiger clubhouse a lot and actually hit a home run at old Tiger Stadium when he was 12!  Thie Tigers should have taken more of an interest in this kid when Cecil was shopping him around.  Of course, I don;t know of they would have stood a chance in signing him, with the draft and all.