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Kansas City Royals' Miguel Olivo, third from right, is restrained by Royals' Mike Aviles, back left, Chicago White Sox's Jaun Uribe (5), manager Ozzie Guillen (13) and Royals' third base coach Luis Silverio after Olivo charged the mound in the fifth inning of a baseball game Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008, in Kansas City, Mo. Olivo, White Sox pitcher D.J. Carrasco and manager Guillen were all ejected from the game after the altercation.

Apparently Ozzie Guillen let a baseball “secret” slip in the aftermath of the White Sox – Royals brawl on Sunday.  Guillen revealed that he has, in the past, instructed his pitchers to hit batters in retaliation.

And the big secret is …what, exactly? 

This is almost as pathetic as the NHL’s attempts to downplay fighting.

The reality is that retaliatory beanings happen, PERIOD. Its part of the game, whether MLB likes it or not. Granted, i don’t think Carrasco intended to hit Olivio in the case of Sunday’s game – given the circumstances.

It’s funny, because pitchers in baseball’s so-called golden age were all too eager to throw a little chin music to remind the batters who owned the plate. How sensitive have we all become?

Congrats to Miguel Cabrera, who was named the AL Player of the Month.  Good to see him finally hitting his stride and maybe silencing some of the critics.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on the sweep by the Rays and the complete and utter collapse of the Tigers bullpen.