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Reflections on Carolina Stadium

This past Saturday (my birthday)  I attended my first college baseball game at the University of South Carolina’s Carolina Stadium.  There, I got to see the Gamecocks beat Ole Miss.  Here are some of my game-time observations:

  • I’m impressed by the overall feel of the park.  The place may only be slightly smaller that Charleston’s Joe Riley Park.
  • This scoreboard/video display blows Joe Riley Park away!
  • NO BEER??  It is a college game after all…
  • Cocky – USC’s mascot may be the funniest i’ve seen at any level of sport.
  • The stadium’s dugouts are huge – they may well be the same size as those a Comerica Park.
  • I like the left field bleachers and the flags across the top, in order of the SEC standings.
  • Of course, I dig the 360 degree accessto throighout the seating bowl.  I walked the circumference of the seating at least twice during the game.
  • Naturally, an old wrestling mark like me would get a kick out the Ric Flair “Woooo1”  sound bit played after a USC pitcher struck someone out.
  • About the only suggestions i would make for the whole a/v presentation is more pitcher data – pitch count, name, etc  and less country music!
  • Overall, a vey Major League-style presentation with musc, replay on the big screen, and the occsional t-shirt toss.
  • Had a guy enter in front of me who flashed a San Diego Padres business card.  Ya gotta wonder how many scouts are crawiling around this place.
  • The replays have sponsors onthem…cha-ching!
  • “The John Deere Drag”  at the top of the 6th…cute…
  • Gotta review th balk rule for both college and pros.
  • The stadium is located way-off campus.  a bit off the beaten path, but its situated so that it provides a nice lttle view of the part of the Columbia skyline.
  • Aneat little touch, and maybe its a college thing:  I noticed that when  apitching change is made, the manager doesn’t take the ball and give it to the new pitcher.  Rather, the outgoing pitchers gives it to the incoming pitcher.
  • I will never get used to the “PING!” of the aluminum bats…

All in all, I was very impressed.  I dont think it was hype when USC claimed they had one of the best college ballparks in the US.  They also have a very strong fan base.  No wonder the team formerly known as Capital City Bombers (now the Greenville Drive) moved.

Just heard a chilling stat on the MLB Network,  the Tigers are 0-5 at night this season,