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my annual All Star Game rant

Before 2003, MLB used to alternate Home-field advantage in the World Series between leagues.  That made soem sense before Interleague games were played during the regular season, but it wouldn’t make sense today.  MLB needs to follow the lead of the NBA and NHL on this one and award home-field advantage to the team with the better regualr-season record, period. 

While I’m at it, MLB needs to get rid if the “every team must have a representative” stipulation as well.  I understand the league’s rationale – they want fans of every team to have some to cheer for – I just don’t agree with it.

Suggestions aside, the fact is MLB still has, by far, the BEST All-Star Game of any of the four major sports leagues.

  • ESPN did a story a while back sports funerals and cemeteries.  They talked about a cemetery in Germany (I think) for fans of the local football (soccer) team.  Apparently, deceased Cub fans will get a chance to get in on this after-life action with a place of their own.


Now, I consider myself a big Tigers fan; but when I check out, I’d rather be buried next to my wife than the flag pole from old Tiger Stadium.