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:::taps heart:::

 The bottom of the 8th inning yesterday may have been the best half inning the Tigers have played all season.  It’s also probably as much heart as the offense has shown all year.

Renteria is FINALLY starting to hit the ball.  It only took him about 5 months to get warmed up!  Seriously though, he’s been getting some key hits when the Tigers  needed them.  BTW – his average is higher than Sheffield’s.  Go figure.  That didn’t take too long.

Speaking of Sheffield, was anybody surprised to see that nobody claimed him while he was on waivers?

Galarraga continues to impress me.  Every time he pitches, I always expect the opposing team to figure him out after their first at bats.  Hasn’t happened yet.  What a steal he was!

Cabrera has been putting up some great numbers lately.  He is slowly becoming the face of this team.  I’d like to see him and Magglio stick around for a while

Despite the anemic offense and the bullpen, Robertson had a solid outing in his last appearance.  Let’s see what he can do tonight.

I still miss Pudge and his enthusiasm…