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A Post to be named later

On Friday, the Tigers traded Mike Maroth to the Cardinals for the notorious "player to be named later". Like the Ledezma trade, it was made to clear up some roster space with several players retuening from the DL.

Ph_400077 I like Maroth.  He evolved into a very effective pitcher.  He seemed like a likeable guy in his interviews. Most of all, he enured that God-awful 2003 season in which he lost 21 games.  To his defense, most of those losses weren’t his fault; he had AA and AAA caliber player trying to provide him major league run support.

Such a season might have crushed the ego of most pitchers, but Maroth took it all in stride.  I was glad to see him make it to the World Series last season.  I wish he could have stuck around for the day when the Tigers win it all.

He will be missed.  Definitely a good pick up for the Cardinals, who are in need of some pitching.

I’ll be in Atlanta later today.  Center field, the guy in the Tiger jersey.