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softball rant

I’m watching the Little League Softball World Series on ESPN just now and I got to thinking about why watching girls’ softball almost bores me to tears. Afterall, the game is competitive, and it even has a faster pace than a typical baseball game.  So why does the game strike me as a joke?


It’s the uniforms.  Whenever I see these style softball uniforms – sleeveless, shorts, no hats – I just can’t take them seriously.  They’re almost beer-leagueish; as if softball is less of a sport than baseball.

That, and how are softball players really expected to slide in shorts?  I know they wear the knee-high socks, but it just isn’t the same.  Face it, softball uniforms are degrading at best and sexist at worst.  Maybe they should just bring back the uniforms from the All American Girls’ League… 

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