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Wither Interleague play…and a Giant problem

Interleague play logo

Interleague play logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As MLB begins it’s annual slate of interleague games tonight, I can’t help but wonder how much differently the entire baseball landscape will be in2013.

Next year, of course the Astros will switch to the American League, creating 2 15-team leagues and thereby necessitating an interleague game being played every night. Had the Brewers stayed in the AL 15 years ago instead of jumping to the NL, this would be a non-issue; but I digress.  My biggest hope is that going forward, we will see the lines between the AL and NL become a little more blurred.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for “radical realignment”;  in fact, I just want to see MLB stop acting as if the AL and NL are two separate baseball entities.  Hopefully, such a shift in the paradigm will lead to a unilateral decision on the Designated Hitter – one way or the other.

Also, earlier today it was announced that the Athletics may begin to explore the possibility of leaving Oakland, as a result of their stalemate with the Giants regarding a move to San Jose.   I can understand the Giants concern over losing a part of “their market”, but I believe that this a case in which MLB must intervene again.  It’s a foregone conclusion that an undisclosed amount changed hands between the Expos/Nationals and the Orioles when the Expos made their move to DC.  Orioles ownership was vehemently opposed to another team moving into the O’s home market. As it turns out, once the money started talking, the Orioles ownership started listening.

I think it’s pathetic that the A’s/Giants situation has come down to this.  The Giants, and ALL MLB teams need to realize they are not thirty separate corporations trying to put one another out of business.  They are thirty independent subsidiaries of one large corporation, namely MLB.  As soon as the owners realize that the good fortunes of one teams are beneficial to all of them, the league will be a much better place.