It’s a walk-off!

It’s been almost 36 hours and I still haven’t fully absorbed what I witnessed yesterday at Comerica Park.

It was, most likely, the greatest come-from-behind Tiger victory that I have ever witnessed. like most of the fans in attendance I was ready to give up after the 9th inning. In fact, my dad and I discussed leaving after the Indians scored 3 runs in the top of ther 10th. i opted to stay; not because I thought the Tigers could still win as much as I hate leaving early. Even as Cabrera hit the game winner, I didn;t think it was gonna clear the fance. I can only chalk this up to my point of view – from behind the left field foul pole.

Today Detroit sports talk radio was speculating whether or not this game was a “turning point” for the team. While the it was a great win, I’m not too excited about one win against an Indians team that is in a downward spiral. Sunday was Cleveland’s 9th straight loss.

The Indians also lost again tonight, making it an even 10 in a row. On the other hand, the Tigers won in convincing fashion tonighjt against the Yankees. Justin Verlander had 14 strikeouts – He is the first Tiger pitcher to run up 14 Ks against the Yanks since Jim Bunning. The legend continues. Nike used the slogan ‘we are all witnesses” to describe LeBeron James. That always comes to mind whenever I see Verlander on the mound. It seems like every 5th game, he does somerthing that draws comparisons to some great pitcher of the past. If the Ilitches have any sense, they will hand him a blank check and an armored car during his next contract negotiation. When it’s all said and done, I want to see hinm in the Hall of Fame as a Tiger; and see a statue of JV at Comerica Park.

As of tonight, the Tigers are still 1.5 games behing the White Sox, but now have the 1st Wild Card spot in the AL.

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