Opening Day 2012

I didn’t make the trip to the D this year for Opening Day, opting instead to spend it here in Chucktown. I read a great blog entry today that perfectly captures the essence of what I DON’T like about Opening Day in Detroit.


From what I’ve seen on TV and on-line, the new video board looks great!  Even though the new board retains the footprint of the original display, the team greatly improved upon it by making the video display bigger – and HD, as well as making the whole display taller.  These alterations should make the score board much easier to see, especially from the first base side of the park.

As for the game itself, a win is a win.  My biggest complaint has to be the blown save by Valverde.  Verlander pitched an absolute gem for eight innings, only to be deprived the opportunity to be the pitcher of record.  Even in that, fans were treated to a real pitcher’s duel, capped off by a walk-off victory for the Tigers.  A silver lining to every cloud…

Even before signing Prince Fielder, this was a truly formidable Tigers team.  His addition has only convinced even more experts that the Tigers will win the AL Central in a rout this season.  I however, am trying not to get TOO excited about this year’s edition of Motown’s Boys of Summer.  Not to sound like “the glass is half empty” but I’m always reluctant to set my expectations too high for the Tigers. I’ve seen the proverbial rug get pulled out from under them. The bold pre-season predictions of 2008 still ring freshly in my ears.  Likewise, the images of the Twins walk-off victory on 2009’s Game 163 are forever burned in my mind.  On the flip side, I’ve seen too many seasons where this club has taken the filed known they are more-than-likely to lose. Who can forget cellar-dwelling seasons  of the early 2000’s?     Having said that, I too hope to see them hoisting the trophy-with-all-the-little-team-flags-on-it (Does the World Series trophy HAVE a name?) this October.

I’m also glad to see that Saturday’s game will be broadcast locally here in Charleston, on the local FOX affiliate.


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