Reflections on Opening Day 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly…

  • “Be Scared of Laird”
  • “The Notorious I-N-G-E”
  • Rrrrramon Santiago!
  • Hearing  Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town”  just before the first pitch.
  • Game time temperature:  38 degrees.
  • GM must’ve ponied up some $ to get the Ford and Chrysler logos off of the “General Motors Fountain”
  • The thousands of loud, obnoxious drunk who have no real interest in the game – they are just there to skip work and get drunk.  At least now they’ll go away for another year.
  • Said obnoxious drunks griping about the long lines at the restrooms
  • Not ONCE did I hear:  I haven’t been to a Tiger game since Cecil Fielder hit all those Home Runs in…[1990]
  • Local sports talk radio STILL griping about Comerica Park’s seating and waxing nostalgic about Tiger Stadium.  Now I probably love old Tiger Stadium more than the average fan, but it’s been 10 years now.  Can we try and focus on some of the positive of Comerica Park…please?
  • The guy from American Idol was pretty good singing “the Star Spangled Banner”
  • So far,  the pitching’s looking solid.  The offense leaves me a little worried; but I am encouraged by the way our batters hit for all nine innings.  These guys have done a good job so far of putting some runs together in the late innings when they need them.

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