A heartbreaker…


20091006225542_2009-1006-rb-tigers-twins941.jpgAs of approximately 45 minutes ago, the Twins are the 2009 AL Central Division Champions, in what was easily the best basebal game I’ve seen since game 7 of the 1997 World Series.

“I thought the ‘al-co-hol-lic’ chant at Cabrera was about as classy as his Saturday night escapades.  At least he shut them up with that 2 run homer in the 3rd inning.

Equally tacky was Denard Span’s quote about the Tigers “choking” , as mentioned here in Beck’s Blog 

Speaking of which, before too many people get on this “historic collapse” bit about the Tigers, we need to remember that they were also on the verge of achieving a rare “worst-to-first” finish following the disastrous 2008 season.

I am heartbroken tonight, but as a fan I want to thank the Tigers for an entertaining, if not great, 2009 season.   A winning record, 4th highest attendance in MLB.  Not bad for a team expected to finish last in their division and a town with the worst economy in the nation.  There truly “ain’t no party like a Detroit party”.

A season assessment/review is forthcoming.

More as it develops…

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