A dvision title deferred…part 3

Going into the Tigers-White Sox series last night, I was excited and confident that the Tigers were still going to win the AL Central.  Tonight, I’m cocnerned.

During a lull at work last night, I mapped out the 16  possible scenatios for the Twins & Tigers’ final 3 games and all the “if-then” scenarios there in. 

Going into Friday night’s game,  13 of those 16 scenarios had the Tigers winning the AL Central outright.  2 others had the Tigers and twins in a tie. Only one had the twins taking the division.

  Following the Tigers loss and the twins win on Friday, 7 of those scenarios were ruled out- all of which ahd the Tigers winning the division. 

Following the Tigers loss and the Twins win tonight, 5 more scenarios, all of which ad the Tigers winning the division, were ruled out.

To say that the Tigers are diggin their own grave is an understatement.  The paradigm has now shifted.  The Tigers must win Sunday.  Should they decide to leave their bats t home again, the better pray that the Twins lose too. 

Hindsgight is always 20/20, but I had a feeling the Tigers were going to split the Twins series earlier this week.  As for tomorrow,  i think the Tigers will win, as will the Twins.  Sadly, I think if they goto a 1 game play-off, I think the Twins will take it, especially in the Dome.

I hope I’m wrong.

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