Showdown in Motown ’09

I was a little bummed that last night’s game waspostponed – mostly because the rain put a damper on the 25th anniversary celebration for the 84 Tiger team. I think the organization really blew a great opportunity to pay a proper tribute to Sparky Anderson (HINT: Retire his number and put up a statue!)

On a brighter side, BOTH of today’s games are being televised on the MLB Network.  As has been said elsewhere, this seris will most likely determine first place in the AL Central.  If the Tigers take 3 in the series, they will clinch the division. With Porcello and Verlander  taking the mound today, I like the Tigers chances. 

This brings me to another thought:  double headers. I love ’em. I wish there were 3 or 4 on each team’s schedule like there used to be.   Of course, that’s a throwback to a time when there were no ads on the outfield fences and stadiums were named after people; but  I digress.  Thr biggest problem – the only problem? – with double headers is that I don’t think any team can realistically go into a twin bill expecting to win both games.  Of course today’s DH comes at the climax of the AL Central penant race nd both teams are looking to sweep.  However under normal circumstances, one probably wouldn’t see a player taking the field for all 18 innings – unless his name is Cal Ripken.  Unfortunately for both the Tigers and Twins, time and Mother Nature are taking priority over convienence.

Still, I think if every team ahd 2-4 double headers on their schecule each season, we wouldn’t have to deal with outdoor baseball in November.  that’ll be interesting…


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