I gotta give to “F-Rod”.  I’ve never really given the guy his due. But he’s having a great season.  It’s not always pretty, like Todd Jones, but he gets the job done.  When he’s got his good stuff, he’s as light-out as any closer in the league.

After seeing the Tigers on TBS and ESPN in the last few weeks, people are finally taking notice of the fact that the AL Central is a fairly tight race. While the 09 Tigers aren’t as deep as the 06, or maybe 07, teams – the fact is they have been in first place since May.  With them, the pale hose and the Twinkies all making some late acquisitions, this should be a good race right down the wire.  Of course, I’d be more than happy to see the Tigers run up a 10 game winning streak – or two – down the stretch.

Last night/this morning Steven Strasburg singed with the Nationals for “only” $15 million.  I almost admire the guile of Scott Boras – if I didn’t despise his profession so much.  The fact that the could say that Strasburg deserved $50 million – with a straight face – astounds me.  Seriously, this guy should be in politics.  He could offer his own serices to the US Government for 3% of the GNP and still argue that he isn’t getting his fair makret value.

But i digress.  The Strasburg signing reminds us that, aside from the MLB Draft needing a dramatic overhaul, that athletes give far too much power to their agents.  I understand, the agent works to get a athlete every penny he can; but who really make the decisions in these business relationships?    

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