to wear, or not to wear…

I’m trying to figure out where, or when the practice of some major league teams wearing BP jerseys during Spring Training exhibitions came started.  More to the point, I’m trying to understand the inconsistency in MLB – with some teams wearing their regular game day jerseys.

I’m sure that the use of BP jerseys in spring training games, like alternate, alternate home and alternate road jerseys, is yet another attempt to squeeze money out of MLB fans.  Not all teams take part in this practice.  The Tigers and the Cardinals, among others, wear their regular home and away game day jerseys.  I suspect that this is sometimes done out of tradition.  Other teams like the Yankees come to spring training games in their BP jerseys –  looking  like junior varsity squad coming to play against the big boys.  To make things even more complicated, all 30 MLB teams have adopted the BP hats as their Spring Training headgear of choice (Are they still wearing those this season? I haven’t seen ’em).  So the question remains:  why the inconsistency with the uniforms?

Another uniform related thought:  Some NFL coaches, including Bill Parcells during his tenure with the Cowboys, issued players plain helmets in training camp and made them “earn” their helmet logo.  Given their current Spring Training dilemmas, could you imagine Nate Robertson, Dontrelle Willis and Rick Porcello, all trying to earn the Olde English D on their caps?

Hey, Comissioner Selig, Mr. Leyland, are you reading this?




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