Where have you gone Mickey Lolich?

My review of the Tigers 2008 season will be coming soon.  Like the Tigers season, it won’t be pretty.

Lately, we’ve been hearing so much about pitchers taking one for the team and pitching on…three days rest.  CC Sabathia has been doing it for the better part of the last month.  My response to this is “So what?”

We always hear about how pitcher used to always go on 3 days rest back in baseball’s “glory days”.  Back then, pitchers’ mounds were higher and there was designate hitter.  Granted the schedule was “only” 144 games and each league only had 8 teams.  Oh yeah, and pitchers didn’t treat every pitch like it was th 9th inning  of the 7th game of the World Series.  Don’t even get me started on pitch counts for any pitcher over the age of 18…

My point is this:  today’s pitchers are WAY too coddled. Pitching has been overstrategized to death; so much so that a seven inning outing by a starter is considered exceptional – with 6 innings being the norm; set-up me are used for the eighth and sometimes seventh innings.  Closers have become an absolute essential ingredient to any winning roster. 

The result of this?  We see a lot more injuries to pitchers today than they had “back in the day”.  Old timers make the argument that if pitchers were conditioned to pitch on three days rest, they would be much stronger and we would see far fewer injuries.


Just some thoughts… 


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