Friday Night Fights


sheff.jpgI had a chance to see the replay of the Sheffield-Carmona fight last night from The Jake “The Prog” (huh?) . My only explanation is that it goes back to the last time that Sheff got plunked by Carmona in April.  Sheff tried to use typical ballplayer reasoning for justifying it – Cabrera hit 2 homerd off this guy so now he’s gonna hit me.  The only problem this train of thought is that pitchers typically take it out on the very next batter – which in this case was Matt Joyce.  Furthermore, Carmona did this with the second pitch in the at bat, not the first. 

My advice to player who plan to charge the mound:  be sure you can take the guy.  Sheff ended up looking like Robin Ventura when he went after Nolan back in 1993


Hopefully, Sheff can still get to 500 home runs this season.  That, Maggs’ pursuit of another batting title and the late offensive explosion by Cabrera are aout all Tiger fans have left to look forward to this sesson.


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