Teasing Tigers


Just when the Tigers show us a glimmer of hope and put together and all around good game, like Saturday’s 5-3 win over Baltimore, they give us another reason to throw in the towel, such as Sunday’s 16-8 fiasco.

After Sunday’s game I, like many of you, was frightened by the thought of going into Texas, with all the runs they’ve been scoring with Hamilton, Kinsler et al.  As of this writing, the Tigers are winning 8-5 in the bottom of the 8th – with the Rangers threatening to rally.

The funny thing about the Rangers is forgettable they have been throughout their history as a franchise in Texas.  They’ve won their division just three times; no pennants and no World Seriers appearances, obviously.  Consider some of the names that have played in Arlington over the years:  A-Rod, Pudge, Nolan Ryan to name just a few.

The biggrest problem with the Rangers is that not only have they won it all; they have never finished badly enough to truly warrant attention.  The Rangers just fly below the radar, year after year.

8-7.  The bullpen is suffering from the Todd Jones curse. I believe in it.

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