One argument against the villification of Todd Jones

I-94 Series Game 1:


DET: 5

Naturally, a lot of people are demanding Todd Jones’s head on a platter today.  For some reason, I’m always willing to defend him.  God knows, the “human roller coaster” has given me enough scares with his pitching perfromances.  But the fact of the matter is that ALL closers blow saves every now and then, even Mariano Rivera. Last year, I think Jones had only three blown saves, which brings me to the real reason for concern:

Jones’s 3 blown saves, equal to last year’s total, have all come durwithin the last month. That point alone is what Tiger fans should be concerned about. Compare Jones’s numbers with those of the Sox closer, Bobby Jenks.  Last night was his 20th save in 23 attempts.  Like Jones, Jenks has 3 blown saves. The fact is, Todd Jones isn’t the prettiest closer in the game, but he is for the most part, effective.

My biggest beef with last night’s game is the fact that the Tigers were at home, which means they had the last at bats.  The fact is, when they needed their bats to deliver, they didn’t.   Why in God’s name wasn’t Marcus Thames brought in to pinch hit in the 9th???  This is still a game of offense AND defense.


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