late night ramblings

The Tigers are sitting on a six game winning streak, trying to make it seven (knock on wood).  This is probably the best ball they’ve been playing all season.  My first and greatest teacher of this game – my dad – made the observation that both the offense and defense have opened up since Dontrelle Willis was sent down to Lakeland.  Maybe the timing is just a coincidence, but it can’t be ignored.

Fernando Rodney, in his first game back, just gave up a 3 run homer.  GRRRR……

The Mariners have fired their General Manager.  While this move may not seem as drastic as firing a manager ( it sends basicallt the same emssage: the season is over. Giving their payroll, I’m curious to see what approach the Mariners enter next year with:  eating contracts, rebuilding, trade deadline deals… or a fire sale.

The final Hall of Fame game was cancelled today due to rain.  While I’ve never seen a Hall of Fame game, I’m sad to see it go.  I’ve always been a “Field of Dreams” kind of fan and I always like the idea of two MLB teams going to Cooperstown for a day, even if it was just an exhibition.  Here is a web site for a grass roots movement to reinstate the Hallf of Fame Game for next season.  I wish them luck…


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