Odds and Ends

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Tim Russert. He was pretty much the only network TV reporter who had the guts to ask ANY politican the really tough questions – something there is FAR too little of in today’s media.  He apparently was a big fan of baseball too.  He will be missed…

The Tigers have put together a nice litte win streak (4 in a row – MLB’s longest at the moment).  Eddie Bonnine will be making his first Major League for the Tigers this afternoon.  The detroit Free Press has a interesting articlae about him here.  Baseball needs more fun guys like this in the game.  Of course, they probably won;t allow some of his antics in “The Show”; out of fear of him getting hurt and all.

View image I spent the early part of this week in Columbia and got to see Capital City Stadium and Sarge Frye Field  – homes of the Columbia Blowfish of the Coastal Plain League and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks respectively.  Neither field was all that spectacular.  Of course, CPL is an independent league – and doesn’t have much money. The Gamecocks are moving into a new park for next season.  Still, the field was in much better condition at Capital City Stadium.

View imageI’ll be in Lakeland on the 26th for the Florida teacher’s job fair.  The Lakeland Flying Tigers will be home that night.  I’m planning to catch a game then.  Maybe I’ll see the D-Train…

BTW – why don’t the Flying Tigers have their OWN website??


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