A step forward…a step back

I haven’t watched either Friday night or today’s games yet.  Last night, however, might have had me kicking my TV.  Willis goes down in the first, only to have the BULLPeN pitch nine innings for a win.  Go figure.  If I had to watch Grilli pitching in the second, i would have left the room.

On the flip side, the Tigers avoided a no hitter today, but still lost (ACK!) 7-0.  What happened to Verlander in the 8th?  Guess I gotta go watch the game once MLB.TV archives it.

No hitters are funny things.  We all tend to tip our hats to  the pitcher who throws a no-no, even if its against our team.  However, when our team manages to avoid being no hit (with only, let’s say, 2 hits)  we look at the offense and blame them.  There’s something about zero that gives all the credit in the world to the pitcher, and takes all the heat off the offense.

We need more W’s…and fast…

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