Bloodbath on the Beltway: The Rich Get Richer?

The Tigers mopped the floor with the Nationals 15-1.  However, I stopped watching during the 6th inning.  Don’t gt me wrong, I love to see the Tigers win – and win decisively at that.  I guess after so many years of futility as a Tiger fan, part of me feels sorry for "have nots" of the league, and their fans who pretty much know the game is over before it starts.  The Nationals were regarded as probably the worst team in the league before the season started. 

It was great to see Sean Casey FINALLY get his first homer of the season.  It’s been a long time coming and I’m sure he’s gald to have that proverbial monkey off his back. Hopeully he’ll be able to add a bit of extra power to the Tigers line-up.

In their weekly Power Rankings, referred to the Tigers as a "rich getting richer" team (or words to that effect) with Kenny Rogers returning from the DL this Friday; thus opening the possibility of trading Mike Maroth to fill another hole in the line-up.

Does anyone else consider the Tigers one of the "have" teams?  It wasn’t long ago that they were seen as  a "have not".  Your opinions?


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