The glass is half empty, the glass is half full

One of the many  things I love about the Tigers finally being a winning team again is score board watching.  Face it, when your team is losing you watch other teams play becasue you want to see some GOOD baseball.  When your team wins, however, it becomes inportant to see how their rivals are also doing.  This is why my two favorite teams are the Tigers and whoever is playing the Indians.

With yesterday being a "getaway day" for the tigers, I took tje opportunity to watch the Indians @ Orioles game, (Thank you Direct TV!). Wow, that was painful!  Where have you gone, Cal Ripken?  A lowly town turns its eyes to you.

Miguel Tejada:  Did you ever back the wrong pony! I remember 2 years ago, when the Tigers wanted to pursue Tejada, but he refused to even entertain an offer form them, because of their recordfrom the previous years.  This is what we English teachers call "irony".

Man, when are ptichers going to realize NOT to pitch to Hafner with the bases loaded?  I would have pulled a Buck Showalter and intentionally walked him and et the run.  Granted, the O’s were already  out of this game, but STILL.

Joel Zumaya, iturns out will be out up to 12 weeks, following the injury to his middle finger.  This definitely qon;t help the Tigers, but it won’t kill them either.  I got to admit, I don’t have a lot of condifence in Fernano Rodney as his replacement.  More often, Rodney scares me.  He has had a few really strong outings this season already though. 

I don’t envy Seattle over the next 3 games.  Bonderman, Robertson and Verlander.  We should take at least 2 out of three from the M’s.  On paper, it should be a sweep, but I donlt want to be too optimistic.



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