Idle Thoughts, among other sites, is now reporting that Josh Hancock was legally drunk at the time of the accident that took his life.  Personally, I was a little quick to jump on the “in memory of”  bandwagon, mostly because I had never heard of him, even though he was instrumental in the Cardinals defeat of my Detroit Tigers in last year’s World Series.

I’m interested to see how the Cardinals handle this news. Will they continue to wear his number for the remainder of the season, as they did for Daryl Kyle?

My condolences go out to his family and friends.  At the same time I that SOMETHING good can come out of this; hopefully this tragedy can be a wake-up call to the dangers of drinking and driving. God only know how much of that goes on at MLB games every single day…

Tonight, the Tigers take their 4 game winning streak to Kansas City to take on the Royals.  Can anyone out there tell me the name of the play-by-play announcer for the Royals radio broadcasts?  I’m sure he’s probably an icon in Royals baseball, but he sounds like he went to the Harry Caray school for articulation.  What gives?!


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